Thursday, September 19, 2013

My "Oliver" Experience

Some people may know the movie/musical "Oliver Twist." It is set back in the 18oo's and has something for most people. From the musical numbers, to the children's gang, to the drunken bar scene, this movie has a lot going on. It was especially fun to be a part of a live musical theater version of the show.

For my part I was an orphan, a townsperson, and a drunken bar patron. Yes, orphan to bar patron, but the director told me I would just dress young for the part of the orphan, which was fine. My real focus here though was the "bar scene" where we got to stumble around, dance, and sing loudly and poorly. If you've seen the movie or a live version then you will probably recognize the song "Oom Pah Pah."

Now, when I say dancing, I don't mean your usual 'kick line, pirouette, arm motions.' No, I mean throwing myself at guys, being lifted into the air, and spanking an older guy. The first of the embarrassing dance moves was when I had to plop down on this boy's knee, while another girl did the same, and swayed back and forth with his face very near our womanly developments.

The next thing was after dancing clumsily around for a few measures, drunkenly belting my song, I had to go and jump onto the waist of this guy. Now I'm just going to let you know that I am almost 5'8'', while this guy was only 5'6'' on a good day. The only reason I agreed is because I watched another of the girls try, and fail at even jumping that high (she was very short) and because he was a wrestler, who hopefully had good core strength. So in my ankle length, puffy skirt, I hopped onto his waist and he spun me in a circle, and usually set me down successfully. My friend later told me that the height difference made it look like he was sniffing my boobs, so that's fun.

That wasn't even the most embarrassing part for me! I then got to go to the front of the stage and dance about waving my skirts, exposing my ankles 'seductively.' then from behind me this older guy, and by that I mean 45, had to come and lift me into the air! Once I landed safely back on the ground we did a little spin move and I was expected to spank him. What?!

Spanking an older guy is bad enough, but when that guy is the father of the MOST ATTRACTIVE MEMBER OF THE CAST, then it gets really bad. I, of course, could not get up the courage to actually talk to the attractive guy for about three weeks into rehearsals, and I was introduced by my new friend in the play.

Friend: "Oh, (we'll just call attractive guy "Bob" for now) Bob! This is Eva! She's the girl that has to spank your dad!" Yes, that is actually how I was introduced. Thanks.

Bob: "You, um, don't have to actually do that you know...."

Stupid me: "That's why they call it acting right?" Of course I was bright red, who wouldn't be?

I honestly was tempted to take my friend backstage and pummel her, but I didn't. So, that's one of my embarrassing stories for you.

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